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  • 22 Mar, 2017
A smile is the most priceless gift given to humankind. A small curve sets everything right. But there can be certain situations in life that can take away your beautiful smile. These include cavities, tooth decay and accidents.
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A smile is the most priceless gift given to humankind. A small curve sets everything right. But there can be certain situations in life that can take away your beautiful smile. These include cavities, tooth decay and accidents.

Missing teeth can have a major effect on your self-esteem and facial structure. But thanks to medical science advancements that have a solution for your missing tooth. Read on to understand implants and the convenience of replacing a single tooth without impacting on other teeth for support.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants  are artificial tooth roots that are placed into the jawbone, underneath the gums. The bone integrates with the implant and becomes one. They provide a lasting foundation for immovable, replaceable teeth.

Dental implants are a prevalent, efficient and durable answer for individuals who are suffering from missing teeth, failing teeth or persistent dental issues. They are metal frames that fit, appear, feel and function similar to natural teeth.

Lately, dental implants have become the standard trend in tooth replacement .

What Kinds Of Dental Implants Are Accessible?

Dental implants are made up of titanium. Titanium is a more robust metal than steel but is lighter in weight. Dental implants are safe and stable and have proven to be a strong base for tooth replacement.

The two types of popularly used dental implants are discussed below:

1.    Endosteal Implants – Endosteal implants are surgically inserted into the tissue. They are in typical shapes of small screws, cylinders or plates. These implants are the most common implantsused in dentistry. Learn about the components of endosteal implants .

2.    Subperiosteal Implants – Subperiosteal implants are made up of a dental framework. These implants are grafted under the gum tissue but above the jawbone. They are recommended for those patients who have a shallow jawbone and cannot or do not want to go through a process of reconstruction.

What Are The Advantages Of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the perfect rescuer for your lost teeth. They form to be the ideal alternatives to bridges, dentures and crowns. These implants have a success rate of up to 98 percent.

Dental implants have various benefits and advantages over all other methods of tooth replacement. The primary benefits of dental implants  are:

  • Dental implants appear and feel just like our natural teeth.
  • They are fixed teeth and can be easily brushed and flossed, just like your other natural teeth.
  • Dental implants have the power to boost your lost self-confidence.
  • Unlike dentures, dental implants assist you in consuming healthy foods, such as nuts and uncooked vegetables, which are difficult to chew with dentures.
  • Dental implants are long-lasting; if you take good care of them, they can even last an entire lifetime.
  • Removable dentures make talking and pronouncing words tough, but with dental implants, this is not the case. Implants aid in improving our speech.
  • They help in preventing bone loss. The strength and stability of dental implants stimulate the growth of bones.  
Improve and maintain your facial aesthetics with dental implants, and be proud of your million dollar curve.

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By Nasheel Soni 20 Jun, 2017

Dental implants are a great option for restoring a missing or damaged tooth. An implant can help preserve the health and structure of your facial bones and muscles and give you that full smile back.

By Nasheel Soni 17 May, 2017

As our children grow up and become more independent, teaching them about dental hygiene is essential. Not only will it help them be more independent but it will also improve their confidence later in life.

A healthy smile influences more than most know. It affects our how we communicate, eat, drink and even our self-esteem. How are you supposed to be confident, when you have trouble expressing your emotions?

Dentists in Atlanta, Georgia  have found that “Older people report that they experienced low self-esteem much of their life because of their teeth. They felt they were born with this type of smile and there wasn’t much they could do.”

Teaching our kids to brush, floss, and see a dentist regularly is extremely important. A healthy smile inspires confidence and a willingness to smile more.

By Nasheel Soni 18 Apr, 2017
Eating disorders have harsh consequences on oral health. Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia, which are more prevalent in women, are the two most common.

Anorexia is associated with having an extreme fear of gaining weight. People with this mental disorder tend to exercise excessively and eat very little. Along with this, even if they are in shape, people with anorexia see themselves as fat.

Bulimics, on the other hand, eat compulsively and then rid themselves of the food by vomiting. Although how much they try to hide their disease the signs are evident to dentists. Changes in the mouth are the first signs of eating disorders.
By Nasheel Soni 12 Apr, 2017
Oral cancer grows in the tissues of the mouth and throat. It belongs to a larger group of cancers called head and neck cancers. Most invade the squamous cells found in your mouth, tongue, and lips causing damage to surrounding tissue.

Often oral cancer is only  discovered when the malignant cells have metastasized to another location, most likely the lymph nodes of the neck. This makes it extremely important to educate yourself about how to prevent it.
By Nasheel Soni 22 Mar, 2017
A smile is the most priceless gift given to humankind. A small curve sets everything right. But there can be certain situations in life that can take away your beautiful smile. These include cavities, tooth decay and accidents.
By Nasheel Soni 14 Mar, 2017
No matter how much we all love junk food, at some point in our lives, we all switch to nutritious foods to stay healthy, prevent diseases and maintain a healthy body weight. But do you know that there are several other benefits of healthy eating? Indeed there are! Read on to get acquainted with these healthy eating benefits , and we guarantee, you wouldn’t help but dote on healthy food for the rest of your lives.
By Family Dental Centres 23 Feb, 2017
Many patients experience nervousness and dental fear that averts them from receiving proper dental care and treatment. Sedation dentistry  is a modus operandi used by dentists to support patients who are suffering from dental fear, also known as odontophobia. It helps them in overcoming their phobia and anxiety of dentists, dentistry, and receiving dental care.

In sedation dentistry, the dentist administers sedative drugs in different forms, for example, pill, gas or nitrous oxide, and intravenous, so that the patient is stress-free and in a relaxed state while the doctor performs the treatment. With the effect of sedation, the process of dental treatment becomes an easy and comfortable practice both for the dentist and patient.
By Family Dental Centres 21 Feb, 2017
Many parents fail to pay the required attention to the oral health & hygiene of their children. They don’t know that poor dental health can have a negative effect  on many developmental factors that contribute to the kid's overall well-being. Of course, they are baby teeth and will eventually fall out, but it is not to be forgotten that they help your child in biting and chewing food, and speaking clearly and that dental decay in your child’s teeth can adversely affect permanent teeth and cause future dental problems. Some dental problems, especially rotting teeth can affect the confidence of a child as they enter into adulthood, which could negatively impact on their career development.
By Family Dental Centres 07 Dec, 2016
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